Schedule for the day


Please make sure to check it before starting the tour!

You need a booking number on a confirmation mail to get a ferry ticket at Naha Tomari Port.

If you haven’t had the confirmation mail or have forgotten the number, please e-mail us until a day before the date of participation.

If the tour will be canceled or not

We hold the tour on rainy days. But if the wave is high and it should be dangerous, the tour will be canceled on the day. In the case we expect the sea condition should be bad because of the typhoon, it may be canceled the day before.

Please visit Tokashiki ferry information site at 8:00 a.m. on the day to check if ferries run or not.

Meeting place


The ticket office and the borarding place of the ferry and the high speed boat are different. Please check it up on the above map.
There is a traffic jam every day around the port. Please make sure you give yourself extra time.

Ticket office for the ferry

Tokashiki Village Naha contact office / Tomarin 1 floor

Ticket office for the high speed boat

North shore in Naha Tomari Port

If you drive to the port …

There should be a traffic jam. Please make sure you search a paid parking around the boarding place in advance and give yourself extra time.

Recommendation : Tomarin Parking for the ferry

Recommendation : D-Parking for the speed boat

Boarding on…

You have to pick up a ticket at the office 15 minutes before the boarding time.

How to receive the ticket


You need the reservation number on the confirmation mail.

Please fill out the application form at the office.
And write your reservation number and “Kerama Travel” in the reservation number space like the photo on the side.

If you get a sea sick easily…

If you are worried getting a seasickness, you should take a medication for it beforehand. It works well if you take it an hour before the boarding.

You can buy it at Lowson on 1st floor at Tomarin.

We recommend having a seat of the middle part on 1st floor.

When you arrive at Tokashiki Port…

Our shuttle bus that says ” Marine House Aharen ” will be waiting for you at the parking lot.

Please tell your name to a driver and get on the bus.